Love Your Lettering

Whether it's on invitations or business cards, art prints or posters, the hand-lettered look has been popping up everywhere. It's a trend we can't help but love, and resident hand-lettering pro, Jasmine Nora Jones, is ready to show you all the secrets behind this art-form. Jasmine will introduce you to all the tools you'll need, walk you through a foundation of basic lettering styles, then show you how to add variation with flourishes and more. You'll even learn how to make "word art" out of a quote! When this class is over, you'll definitely love your own lettering!

Please note: This class originally ran in April of 2015. By enrolling now, you'll have access to all of the class material and will be able to access the class message board to view previous comments. However, the message board and gallery will not be monitored by an instructor.

$19.00 $10.00

enrolling now through 01/02/2023

What you'll learn

  • An intro to lettering and the tools you'll be using
  • Lettering basics - script, serif/sans serif, thicks and thins
  • Lettering styles
  • Adding variations to your lettering
  • Building a quote / word art
  • Digitizing what you've lettered
  • Tips and tools to take your lettering further

Picture of Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones

I'm a hand lettering artist and graphic designer for Studio Calico. I also enjoy mixed media art, pocket pages, antique shopping, coffee and old movies.

What comes with this class

  • 5 video lessons (plus introduction and conclusion videos!) that introduce you to the ins and outs of the art of lettering.
  • PDF lessons to use as a reference for what you've learned.
  • Printable practice sheets to use as you practice your lettering.
  • Access to a class message board and gallery, where you can share and learn with your teacher and fellow students.

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$19.00 $10.00

enrolling now through 01/02/2023