Homestead Scrapbook Kit Workshop

Make the most of your Homestead Scrapbook Kit! Meghann Andrew is here to encourage you to use your stamps, create harmonious pages, and let your photos shine on your projects. With Meghann's help, you'll create your own background patterned paper, use the text appearing in your photos to help build a page title, and embellish your pages in a way that emphasizes the photo. Meghann and her contributors will be sharing a total of six new scrapbook layouts, giving you plenty of inspiration to dive headfirst into your kits and create! 

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Please note: This workshop originally ran in November of 2017. By enrolling now, you'll have access to all of the workshop material immediately and will be able to view previous lesson comments. However, the lesson comments and gallery will not be monitored by an instructor.


enrolling now through 01/31/2018

What you'll learn

  • Techniques for getting the most out of your stamps and creating a bold, unique background
  • How to create a one-of-a-kind page title utilizing any text that appears in your photo
  • Tips and tricks for embellishing in a way that really accentuates your photo

Picture of Meghann Andrew

Meghann Andrew

Meghann Andrew is a 30-something wife to a Brit, mother to a micro-preemie, maker, and excessive coffee drinker who currently resides near Houston, Texas, but has lived in several states, as well as the U.K. She currently designs and serves as the blog and classroom coordinator for Elle's Studio, and is a design team member for Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine, as well as American Crafts. Meghann studied and practiced interior design, and design drives most of her decisions when creating. She teaches about the principles of design and color and how they relate to scrapbooking, as well as how to create successful scrapbooking titles at Big Picture Classes.

Class contributors

What comes with this class

  • Free printable to use along with your Homestead kit, perfect for documenting travel or everyday
  • Page starters from Meghann to help you get started when you're in a creative rut
  • Three exclusive video lessons from Meghann, with challenges to get your mind flowing
  • Sketches based on each of Meghann's layouts to jump start your creativity
  • Three additional projects from workshop contributors for an extra dose of inspiration

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enrolling now through 01/31/2018