Organization for Memory Keepers

Maximize your creative output! Marcy Penner’s here to help you organize your creative process so you can make the most of your time. Marcy shares plenty of tips and tricks on everything from keeping a tidy workspace and tracking current projects, to managing everyday memories and sorting inspirational ideas. You’ll discover easy ways to transform the way you create so you can do more creating in less time!

Please note: This class originally ran in February of 2017. By enrolling now, you'll have access to all of the class material immediately and will be able to access the class message board to view previous comments. However, the message board and gallery will not be monitored by an instructor.

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enrolling now through 01/02/2023

What you'll learn

  • Ideas for organizing your memory keeping products
  • How to emphasize creating in your weekly routine
  • How to deal with unfinished projects
  • How to stay on top of memorabilia and keepsakes
  • Tips for keeping your workspace tidy
  • Ideas for organizing photos and project inspiration
  • Ideas for tracking memories and activities
  • How to get more out of your creative time
  • How to set up a purge schedule

Picture of Marcy Penner

Marcy Penner

Marcy is a self-proclaimed “simple girl,” living in the country with her high school sweetheart and their three kids. On any given day, you can find her decorating her farmhouse, planning her next farm project (hello, chickens), homeschooling two of her three kiddos, putting together her dream planner or designing products for Studio Calico. She's a believer in writing things down and documenting every moment - no matter how mundane it may seem.

What comes with this class

  • 4 video lessons from Marcy, each sharing her organization tips and tricks as they relate to memory keeping
  • 8 lessons from contributors that sharing their own organization and time management hacks
  • Digital inspiration planner printable, also designed by Marcy, to keep track of endless ideas
  • Challenges from your teacher to help keep your creative juices flowing

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$29.00 $10.00

enrolling now through 01/02/2023