Mini Book Workshop 2021 | Kari Stiles

What were you doing at this time last year? In this Mini Book Workshop, join Kari Stiles and dive into your photo archives to create a portfolio style mini album. While 2020 brought many challenges, it was filled with moments of comfort and beauty, and Kari invites you to revisit the snapshots you took to create a year in review. She’ll guide you through her process, from choosing photos and making your album cover, to building a one-of-a-kind album and adding all of the finishing touches.

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enrolling now through 11/01/2021
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Class Kit

$29.99 $23.99
  • 1 - 4x6 stamp set by Kari Stiles
  • 1 - 6x8 double-sided paper pack with 18 pages
  • 1 - 8.5" x 11" vellum paper sheet
  • 1 - 8.5" x 11" kraft paper sheet
  • 3 - 4.75" x 2.375" shipping tags
  • 1 - Paper fastener
  • 1 - 4x6 label stickers sheet

What you'll learn

  • Tips for choosing photos for your album
  • Easy editing tips for your photos
  • How to create the cover for your folio  
  • Ideas for base pages for your album 
  • Tips for embellishing your mini album 
  • Ideas for stamping with the class kit stamp set

Picture of Kari Stiles

Kari Stiles

Kari Stiles is a documenter, photographer and graphic designer living in the Bay Area. New music, street photography, natural light and the ocean keep her inspired most days. She is passionate about creating things that are honest and creatively fresh to encourage deep dives into making.

What comes with this class

Detailed lessons showing how Kari's mini album came together, from start to finish

3 instructional videos sharing the inspiration, ideas and techniques behind Kari's album

Assignments from Kari to keep you on track with building your album

Digital version of Kari's Life Captured Kit stamp set

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enrolling now through 11/01/2021