Mini Book Library 2021

Build your Mini Book Library with Studio Calico! Enroll in our Mini Book Mini Workshops and create four unique books to hold this year’s biggest memories. Kari Stiles, Laura Wonsik, Heba Alsibai and Lisa Truesdell will each be sharing a different style of mini book in this series of workshops. Save $10 by enrolling in all four Mini Book Workshops now!


April 2021 | Kari Stiles - Year in Review Folio

July 2021 | Laura Wonsik - Life Highlights Notebook

September 2021 | Heba Alsibai - Favorite People 3x8 Mini

November 2021 | Lisa Truesdell - Home 4x6 Ring Bound


enrolling now through 11/01/2021

Picture of Kari Stiles

Kari Stiles

Kari Stiles is a documenter, photographer and graphic designer living in the Bay Area. New music, street photography, natural light and the ocean keep her inspired most days. She is passionate about creating things that are honest and creatively fresh to encourage deep dives into making.

Picture of Laura Wonsik

Laura Wonsik

Laura lives in Oxford, OH with her husband and two daughters. She is a therapist by day and a scrapper by night and requires sitcoms to get in to the scrapping zone.

Picture of Lisa Truesdell

Lisa Truesdell

As Inked Brands' Manager of Education, Lisa helps our teachers get their wisdom out of their head and into the classroom, and occasionally teaches herself. Lisa lives the wholesome midwestern life in Omaha in a midtown neighborhood filled with big trees and old houses. She’s a 17 year crafting industry veteran who loves making, sharing, and creating.

Picture of Heba Alsibai

Heba Alsibai

Heba Alsibai lives in Marietta, Ga with her two kids, husbands and adorable dog Stitch. She is a documenter, crafter and a youtuber. She believes that you can never have to many hobbies.

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enrolling now through 11/01/2021