Letterpress 2.0

Join Geralyn Sy for Letterpress 2.0. This new workshop will give you an in-depth look at how Geralyn incorporates Letterpress into her creative process, and show you five fun techniques for printing with Studio Calico letterpress plates for your layouts, cards, and pocket pages.

Please Note: This class originally ran in May 2014. By enrolling now, you'll have access to all of the class material and will be able to access the class message board to view previous comments. However, message board and galleries will not be monitored by an instructor. 

$10.00 $5.00

enrolling now through 01/01/2023

What you'll learn

  • Detailed PDF from Geralyn with insight into how she fits Letterpress into her creative process
  • 1 video and 4 PDF tutorials sharing new techniques for Letterpress from Geralyn
  • Access to a class messageboard where you can discuss Letterpress with Geralyn and your fellow students
  • Challenges to keep you inspired and creating all month long!

Picture of Geralyn Sy

Geralyn Sy

Paper lover. Life Documenter. Explorer.

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$10.00 $5.00

enrolling now through 01/01/2023