Gratitude | Documented

It’s easy to feel content during the holidays, but do you remember to be grateful all year long? In Gratitude | Documented, Shanna Noel will guide you through a series of prompts, videos, and more so that recording the seasons of gratitude from your life will be easy and enjoyable. Reflect on and recognize the themes of family, love, and personal triumph that resonate with you. Let’s come together and remember that there is so much to be grateful for.

Please note: This class originally ran in November of 2014. By enrolling now, you'll have access to all of the class material immediately and will be able to access the class message board to view previous comments. However, the message board and gallery will not be monitored by an instructor.

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What you'll learn

  • 3 videos from Shanna (planning & getting started, bringing your notes and inspiration together into an album & adding the finishing touches).
  • 5 prompt PDFs that encourage you to reflect on different areas of your life and what you're thankful for.
  • An in-depth look at Shanna's tag style mini album.
  • Ideas from Jamie Waters for adapting Shanna's ideas to a WRMK 4x4in album.
  • Inspiration PDFs with more ideas from Amy Hawthorne, Lexi Bridges and Chantal Philippe.
  • Access to a class message board and gallery, where you can share and learn with your teacher and fellow students.
  • Weekly challenges to inspire you to use what you've learned.

Picture of Shanna Noel

Shanna Noel

I have always had a passion for capturing the little details I want to remember 10 years from now. When I discovered paper scrapbooking through Studio Calico in the summer of 2011, I feel in love with the whole process. Today I love stretching myself with new techniques and styles as I document the simple moments in your life that make up our everyday. I find inspiration anywhere—from my daughter's scribbles on her math homework to the morning newspaper—but when I really need to soak up a MAJOR source of inspiration I grab a warm cup of tea and sink into the Studio Calico gallery. This community never ceases to disappoint!

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$19.00 $10.00

enrolling now through 01/02/2023