Everyday Traveler

Every day is a new adventure! Join WaiSam Ho (AKA happie scrappie) to discover how to record your daily journey using a traveler’s notebook. In this class, she proves that travel notebooks aren’t just for explorers and will share tips and techniques for creating one that fits your lifestyle. From art journals to planners, WaiSam will teach you how to document everyday moments in a stylish and creative way.

Please note: This class originally ran in July of 2015. By enrolling now, you'll have access to all of the class material and will be able to access the class message board to view previous comments. However, the message board and gallery will not be monitored by an instructor.

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enrolling now through 01/02/2023

What you'll learn

  • How to choose the right travel notebook
  • How to set up a travel notebook
  • How to use the class digital files in your travel notebook
  • How to use a travel notebook to document your travels
  • How to incorporate a travel notebook into your everyday memory keeping
  • How to set up a travel notebook as a planner
  • How to use bullet journaling
  • How to make a watercolor palette for your travel notebook
  • How to use your travel notebook for art journaling

Picture of WaiSam Ho

WaiSam Ho

Hello there, my name is Sam (or WaiSam a.k.a. Happie Scrappie). I am a paper, stationery and planner addict based in Malaysia/Singapore. I have a toddler, Ivan who was born in March 2013, who is my little helper when it comes to crafting and managing my little online shop.

What comes with this class

  • 4 videos from Sam sharing how to choose the perfect notebook for you, ideas for documenting your travels in a notebook, bullet journaling and creating a watercolor palette for your notebook. She'll also be sharing ideas of how she uses her notebooks and inspiring you to find new ways to use yours!
  • Video from Marcy Penner sharing how to use the class digital cut files and printable notebooks from the shop in your travel notebook.
  • Lessons from our contributors sharing how they use their travel notebooks. Each of them will be sharing a peek into how they use their notebooks - whether it's for documenting travel, everyday memory keeping, planning or art journaling.
  • Access to a class message board and gallery, where you can share and learn with your teacher and fellow students.
  • Divider and Folder digital cut files from Hello Forever.

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$29.00 $10.00

enrolling now through 01/02/2023