Ever wish you could create awesome hand-lettered pieces like the pros? Calligraphy artist Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes has taught lettering workshops across the country—and we’re excited to bring her knowledge to you! No matter what your experience with hand lettering, Maghon will take you on an incredible journey filled with practical tips and techniques for creating unique hand-lettered pieces, perfecting your own style, and reaching your full calligraphy lettering potential!

Maghon has adapted her popular calligraphy workshop into six video-based lessons, allowing us to bring her expertise right to your home. With almost an hour of video instruction, as well as printable lettering guides and worksheets, you'll leave this class with the skills to create your own unique lowercase calligraphy alphabet.

Please note: This class originally ran in June of 2016. By enrolling now, you'll have access to all of the class material immediately and will be able to access the class message board to view previous comments. However, the message board and gallery will not be monitored by an instructor.

$59.00 $10.00

enrolling now through 01/02/2023

What you'll learn

  • Basic calligraphy terms and tools and how to use them
  • Tips for getting started, from correct posture and position to getting your ink to flow on the page
  • How to create your own unique lowercase calligraphy alphabet
  • Tips and tricks for connecting your letters into beautiful, hand-written words and phrases
  • Pointers and advice for continued calligraphy practice and improvement

Picture of Maghon Taylor

Maghon Taylor

I'm Maghon Taylor, and I am the "she" behind All She Wrote Notes. I am a sweet Carolina girl on a mission to spread happiness through my handwriting. I have delighted in pretty handwriting all my life. With a name like Maghon, you can't help it! My sweet, southern mama says she spelled it that way because it looked prettier to write. So, I think I was destined to be a calligrapher. Catch up with me at

What comes with this class

  • Six lessons from Maghon Taylor adapted from her popular calligraphy lettering workshops
  • Almost an hour of video instruction
  • Photos and tips to reinforce what you learned in the videos
  • Printable worksheets from Maghon
  • Access to a class message board and gallery, where you can share and learn with your teacher and fellow students
  • Weekly challenges to inspire you to use what you've learned
  • Live chat with your teacher and fellow students

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$59.00 $10.00

enrolling now through 01/02/2023