Past kits

91895 septctkit slider original
Head of the Class Color Theory Kit
112952 stampsubset6x8allaboutmebypaisleepress slider original
One for the Books Stamp Kit
106348 documenterkit slider original
One for the Books Documenter Kit
106549 travelersnotebookkit slider original
One for the Books Traveler's Notebook Kit
89787 augctkit slider original
Take It Easy Color Theory Kit
101726 chaletedelweissstampkit slider edit original
Chalet Edelweiss Stamp Kit
101527 chaletedelweissdocumenterkit slider original
Chalet Edelweiss Documenter Kit
101626 chaletedelweisstnkit slider original
Chalet Edelweiss Traveler's Notebook Kit
86331 julyctkit slider original
Sunset Bay Color Theory Kit
90889 bookwormstampkit slider shop image original
Bookworm Stamp Kit
97108 bookwormdockit slider original
Bookworm Documenter Kit
97208 bookwormtnkit slider original
Bookworm Traveler's Notebook Kit
83075 colortheorybasicsjunekit v3 slider original
Full Bloom Color Theory Kit
90888 oxfordhallstampkit slider original
Oxford Hall Stamp Kit
92994 oxfordhalldockit slider original
Oxford Hall Documenter Kit